Our Vision and future

Company Introduction


​gift voucher platform that focused on    merchants and customer satisfaction

Giftland dreams of a global gift voucher platform that offers a voucher platform that can be issued from anywhere in the world, and customers can purchase new vouchers that they have never seen before.​

We are confident that our service will satisfy both merchants and customers and create a better gift coupon market.

We will do our best to satisfy customers with various gift certificates and contents by taking the lead in increasing sales of merchants with innovative services.




Seoul, Gangnam-gu 

yeoksam-ro, Seongbo BD 5F 

+82 02 - 558 - 7409

Giftland's Roadmap.

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로드맵 수정 중

​Giftland's Corporate Identity

The CI of Giftland is based on the fact that gift certificates are mainly used for gifts as well as the mission statement.

The fact that the two gift boxes are crossed in the other direction reflects our belief that "Look at the world differently" and the colors used in red and orange colors to express warmth to convey gifts to the other party.